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Best Laptop 14.5 Inches Or Smaller for a Student?

I think it will be good and easy to carry around!

Best Laptop 14.5 Inches Or Smaller for a Student? 1

1. lose 6 inches in 2 weeks?

find a doctor in your are that offers "optifast" you can only get it through a doctor its 800 calories a day 5 shakes a day!!

2. Where is 3.8 inches on a tape measure?

dt is right on it

Best Laptop 14.5 Inches Or Smaller for a Student? 2

3. when my Health teacher is saying an average males penis is 6 inches does that mean six inches hard or soft?

Hard and everyone who answers soft knows it

4. how many inches in a yard?

36 inches in a linear yard 1,296 in a square yard 46,656 in a cubic yard

5. A rectangular piece of cardboard is 11 inches long and 9 inches wide. From each corner, a square piece is cut?

permit the climate of thr backside of this open container be width = w and length = w4 quantity = w*(w4)*2 = sixty 4 or w*(w4)*2 = sixty 4 or w*(w4) = 32 or w^24w-32 = 0 or (w8)(w-4) = 0 or w=4, as w can not be -8 So width = 4", length = 8" and top = 2" for the backside. and in case you choose, for the unique rectangular piece of cardboard, width = 8", length = 12"

6. My leopard geckos tank won't heat properly... Any suggestions?

Only feed crickets the size of the space between their eyes:) secondly, make sure that your gecko is not an albino, I've heard that they can go blind with the day bulbs. Night bulbs work better IF you need a heat lamp. You really should not have the heat mat on the side of the tank, LGs absorb heat through their bellies, so the heat mat being there is not doing very much. Maybe get a Sunbeam heating pad (that's what I use for my two LGs tank, works perfectly!) and that way you could control the heat with the three settings it has:) (plus, it's only about $13 on amazon) Those zoo med UTHs have never lasted me very long, only about a month at most and it's a hassle to pry them off to see that they've left sticky stuff on the bottom of the tank. The sunbeam heating pad has kept my tank MUCH hotter than the zoo med uth, and is about the size of the largest of the zoo med uths at a fraction of the cost. (I believe that the king size is $16 or so, and it is able to fit under most of a 20gal long tank, with only a couple of inches without coverage).

7. Can you replace a 215 75R 16 with a 235 70R 16?

A bit of high school math.The first number is treadwidth, the second aspect ratio, the third the rim diameter.215 /75has an cross section of 215 x 75%= 161.25 mm, two cross sections converted to inches added to the 16" wheel diameter give a calculated rolling diameter of 28. 696"235/70 has a cross section of 235 x 70% = 164.5 mm, a calculated rolling diameter of 28.952"The difference in rolling diameter is 0. 89%, so the speedometer and other calculations the car might perform will be different by less than 1% and are unlikely to affect anything calculated by the car.The physical fit and any potential interference needs to be checked, as well as rim width suitability

8. How to grow a few inches taller?

Two words. High Heals. :) And besides...your height is PERFECTLY normal!! Love who you are! :)

9. Given 588 inches, how do I calculate the equivalent in yards, feet and inches format?

16 yards 1 footno inchesGiven 588 inches, how do I calculate the equivalent in yards, feet and inches format?

10. Is dress measurement done in inches or centimeters?

In in inches only.For example, my shirt size is 38. This ,38 represents my chest suze. Larger size of 40 or 42 is too big for me. In banisns and underwear, they use both inch and metric sizes.Is dress measurement done in inches or centimeters?.

11. IS 5 feet 7 inches short for a guy?

You might grow more. Girls usually stop growing around 16, but men keep growing usually until around 18. And about girls and what height they find attractive, they usually like someone who's maybe a couple inches taller then them because they do not like being taller than their man, but they do not want them so tall that they get buried in their stomach when they hug. So I would think girls around 5 feet to 5' 6" would find your height to be just fine. I hope I helped, maybe during the next couple years you will hit a growth spurt and gain those 3 to 4 inches you are hoping for =]

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