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Best Cheap Laptop for a College Student?

Look into chrome books. Asus, Samsung, HP and Acer are leaders in the area

Best Cheap Laptop for a College Student? 1

1. Mac or Pc for a College Student?

PC's are better for business... Macs are better for art... self-employed artists (like many photographers) often have to use both. Since you are a business major, get yourself a nice PC.

2. HELP WITH STUDENT Loan Questions???

You may want to try to refinance your loan or get a deferment

Best Cheap Laptop for a College Student? 2

3. The best laptop for a college student?

I would say a mac. They are easy to manage your work on and figure out how to work. They are very fast working computers

4. Studey abroad for college student?

your school should have a study abroad office with all that info

5. Is this a good laptop for a student?

Well this is a good laptop for student but I always suggest for students that they should go for a Refurbished laptops which are really nice. Recently I cam across Dell Latitude D620 coming with Core 2 Duo processor T5600 and with good specifications. Providing you the website from where you can purchase this laptop

6. Laptop for a math and physics student?

If you have tough problems you code them for a parallel cluster or maybe now a GPU machine. Many of the clusters run Linux. But maybe that's after you graduate and are doing real research

7. Foreign exchange student in Australia?

I live here I love it there's such a huge range of stuff. We have rain forests but also have deserts . We have big and busy cities but also small rural towns. There's little beach communities. and its an island. We have a great economy, not many nationalities are against us, we have a great education system and so much more We are a multi cultural society, with our natives been aboriginal. The average Australian various from place to place. in country NSW people enjoy going to the pub, hanging out with friends, doing bush walking etc. Although this is also common in the cities, alot of people in the cities enjoy shopping and then there's the beaches. I cant help you on schools as ours is similar to the USA schools, but most schools are 7-12. The school year starts in January starts at around 9 and finishes around 3:30. We wear uniform though. When i went to USA school there was 6 class' everyday and were the same. at my school i have chosen all my class' except English. I do Ancient History, Drama, Economics, English, Spanish and Tourism and it varies each day i do not do it in an exact order. In Australia your also a legal adult at 18 so you can drink, get tattoos and stuff like that. Most people at my school go clubbing on the weekends and a lot even have tattoos. college/university is not as big here as America. We do not have Halloween, valentines day or thanksgiving, although v day and halloween are becoming more popular. The people here will pay you out as a joke do not take it to heart as we do it to everyone including ourselves. We are also very sarcastic and abbreviate everything and speak very fast. eg. mozzie is mosquito or spaz for spastic. The Meals at fast food places are smaller then USA we do not have taffy (love that stuff) Wow i can' t think of anything else if you have any Questions I will give you my email

8. How to reduce student plagiarism?

Plagiarism is violation of administrative policy enforceable by a forfeit of benefits. Students are all adults and should know about plagiarism from their former schooling prior to attending the university. We as society need such specialists and often we pay our taxes for their education. Tolerating plagiarism allows students to graduate from the university with an art of criminal thinking. Exmatriculation is in this case just a prophylaxis of more substantial and society-harmful crime

9. Student Loan check?

Never heard of anything like this. But maybe you signed up for direct deposit or electronic transfer and the check was meant to be more of a recipt. I would keep bugging Chase until I get an answer because it seems like someone made a mistake at the bank

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