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Any Recommendations for a Good Desktop for Computer Gaming?

nevernevernever apple computers. Try hp for sure, get a large screen. Also you can just update your stuff in your old computer. But yeah, desktop hp does really really good, and if you get a 2012 edition for alot of the hp stuff you can have wireless and you can do some older games too, like morrowind elder scrolls 3. i dunno what kinda gamer you are, but a big screen is almost mandatory for gaming. And if you do end up getting a laptop because they are cheaper and run fast and are portable, then also get a seperate mouse. All in all, have fun gaming

Any Recommendations for a Good Desktop for Computer Gaming? 1

1. Is this a good desktop computer for gaming?

it's great I LIKE IT :)

2. What are good components found in a desktop computer for gaming?

Computer Case Great Graphic Card/s Good CPU and CPU Cooler Motherboard RAM Hard Drive/s or SSD/s Optical Drive Sound Card Power Supply

Any Recommendations for a Good Desktop for Computer Gaming? 2

3. Buying Desktop Computer for Gaming?

The Dell XPS's are pretty nice. Or you could build your own. Try ibuypower.com the website is very easy to use. You just need a basic knowledge of computers and whats good and whats overpriced.

4. Best Desktop computer for gaming under $800?

you should buy a computer with a gtx 550 ti, that plays tf2 at max with 140 fps

5. I'm looking to buy a new desktop computer for gaming, but I don't know where to start. Help?

1. 1000$ will get u quite high end system 2. alienware is overprized crap, never fall for that 3. building ur own is the best bang for buck 4. if you can not u can buy assembling service usually

6. How is this Desktop Computer for gaming (Details in description?

Buy it an i7 processor has a very good advantage with a new and latest motherboard with also that awesome latest graphics card. Trust me you wo not have a problem with that pc

7. Looking to buy a desktop computer for gaming (mainly The Sims)?

1) The sims 2 has two versions one for mac and on for pc. If you have the pc version, than I would stick with the pc. 2) Build it yourself, if you can. It will save you money. 3) Since you want play sims 2 still, go with windows 7 or vista. With windows 7 or vista, sims 2 is guaranteed to be compatible, if pc version. 4) If you do buy, go with the computer at least meets the minimum requirements for the game with the highest requirements.

8. I want to buy desktop computer for gaming purpose and my budget is 20000 give me suggestion of which company i?

My brother bought and put together himself a computer that can run ANY game perfectly on high settings for $500 in US currency. Just look around on Amazon to find good parts for a computer, and then assemble it yourself

9. Desktop Computer Gaming Spec, and Questions?

I recommend somethign along these lines. a i5 2500k or 3570k.a i7 wo not help in gaming, but will help with the recording. 8gb ram,1600mhz is the sweet spot,faster ram shows less than 2% difference in performance and is significantly more expensive. you need a good graphics card,not knowing your budget I would recommend the gtx 660,or the gxt 480. I recommend a tx650 power supply,again not knowing your budget. a good case with atleast two fans included,one rear exhaust,one front intake fan. a sata II or sata III with 100mb/s read & write speeds or higher. a small 60-80gb ssd to record to without lag.ideally with 750,000 iops or higher. you need a dvd drive,to install the bios,you wo not have internet access without the bios.any dvd drive will do. I recommend buying the parts and building it yourself,generally cheaper. definitely a desktop. if you want part links and a full list then email me your budget and we can throw around a few ideas. as for the guy below me who said you should buy all parts on newegg,I disagree,some stores lie microcenter have just as high quality products for lower prices. for example. newegg lists the i5 2500k for 219.99 microcenter has it for 159.99,and there was a deal that if you combo would it with a z77 motherboard you got a $50 discount on the motherboard. I ended up getting a tz77a motherboard for 59.99 and a i5 2500k for 159.99.lets do the math. 219.98,before taxes. and it's about $15 taxes total. so 234.98. I got the processor and motherboard,new,unopened,etc for $15 over the newegg price for the processor alone. I paid $400 for the whole computer.bought the power supply on newegg. and already had a graphics card. so while newegg is great,and has amazing prices on some things,it can not compete with prices on other things.

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