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14 Inch Laptop Under 600?

Check tigerdirect.com or newegg.. i like tiger better myself

14 Inch Laptop Under 600? 1

1. netbook or 11 inch macbook air?

MacBook air. It has all the features that you love and more!

2. 17 /1.2 inch torso...33 inch legs...wtf am I an alien?

omg i am the same height and i have the same torso and leg measurements and i weigh 128 and i am very athletic

14 Inch Laptop Under 600? 2

3. hey, what give you better results, a 2inch or a 1inch straightener?

A 1'' will cover less space than the 2''...your preference

4. Kickers l7 12 inch vs 15 inch, queston!?

the 12 will hit harder but the 15 will push more air the cvr is honestly my favorite kicker sub i would go with the cvr

5. What are power hack saws and bandsaws used to cut?

Mostly metal, but the true measure of what a saw can cut is teeth per inch. The more cutting teeth you can get into an inch of blade, the harder the material you can cut with it

6. 24 or 27 inch monitor for gaming?

the bigger the better thats all i can say u will enjoy the games more

7. on average how long does hair grow per month?

less than in inch and when its long if feels like it doesnt even grow so very long

8. Can I Use A 9 Inch Pie Pan For A 9 Inch Cake Pan?

Sure, but I might suggest making half the recipe at a time to avoid spill-over. Also, I actually found myself in the same dilemma a few years back (no-joke, making pineapple upside-down cake!) and I opted to use a flat-edged deep skillet with a metal handle (which meant I could put in in the oven). I just put the pineapple mixture in the bottom of the skillet and poured my batter in. It turned out perfectly and still had the classic circle structure. If you have ceramic ramekins, or anything similar, you could also make individual portions, which would be cute. Hope this helps!

9. Would 1 or 2 rats fit in a 17inch by 17 inch cage?

no one here can answer that because youre missing a measurement, ou need height, width and depth to calculate it look up the rat cage calculator, you just enter the measurements and it will tell you how many rats will fit

10. Calling Nine Inch Nails fans?

Downward spiral

11. Hook my 2 12 inch Yamaha speakers(quarter inch jack) to my Kia Forte?

The Yamaha speakers are meant for PA and are not tuned the same as a competent car audio system will be. Pro Audio normally is tuned a bit higher for high SPL in arenas and such. In a car you do not need such efficiency as the cabin gain helps out a lot. What you will want is a system that will reach down in the sub frequencies and there's plenty of products on the market to suit just about any budget within reason. I suggest saving up a decent amount and doing the job right. If you are fairly short on cash, you can sell off the Yamaha's to help add to that budget if you do not want them, but definitely do not install them in your ride. To further your spending power, you can do some research on building & installing car audio gear in the meantime to avoid having to pay an installer once gear is gathered.

12. Will a case made for up to 14-inch laptops fit a 14.1-inch?

yes i think it could stretch one 0.1 inches

13. whats a good zoom on a 5 inch to 6inch apertures telescope?

You need to clarify what you mean - do you really mean zoom or magnification? Zoom eyepieces that allow continuously variable magnification are available but they tend to be ignored, since the resulting views are inferior to what you can get used fixed power eyepieces. Generally if you want to change powers you change the eyepiece instead. That is why you will not see magnification advertised as a spec by trustworthy vendors since the power of a telescope is purely a function of what eyepiece you put in it. However there are practical limits before the image starts getting unusably dim -around 50x per inch of aperture is the common rule of thumb. As for what power to use for the planets - you will never see them as you do in many pictures that are long exposure images taken by expensive scopes or space probes. I find the best views of Jupiter, Saturn and Venus are at around 150x. Mars needs more power, around 250x, but going that high needs very good conditions if the images are not to appear blurry.

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